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Take breaks Remember, cognitive fatigue can lead to all of the aforementioned problems, and to other problems as well. Language and reading problems, including dyslexia (difficulty decoding language) and dysgraphia (difficulties relating to handwriting, spelling, and composition). Parents, knowing that reading problems have consequences all across development including into adult life, question themselves, feeling alternately guilty and angry. Among all of those poor readers, about 70-80 percent have trouble with accurate and fluent word recognition that originates with weaknesses in phonological processing, often in combination with fluency and comprehension problems. Despite normal vision and hearing, kids with these disorders have trouble with language development, reading, writing and mathematical ability. Just knowing about these techniques is not enough; be sure to use and practice them as you read the sample passages. Informational texts, such as news articles, arrange facts and details in a specific way. Common Reading Issues. Find the cause to find a ‘cure’ Most problems can only be solved if one knows what causes the problem. How to Identify Problem and Solution. Dyslexia is the most common cause of reading and writing problems. There are certain steps you can take to alleviate the damage done by some of the previously mentioned reading problems. Dyslexic children have weaknesses in reading, spelling, and/or writing but at least average listening comprehension. While many studies indicate various reasons for problems with reading fluency involving both cognitive and physical difficulties, three major problems in reading fluency tend to surface most often. Children who suffer from problems with reading fluency also suffer … Information processing disorders, including auditory or visual processing disorders. Naturally, reading comprehension problems affect many academic areas. For purposes of research, "reading impaired" children may be all those who score below the 30th percentile in basic reading skill. Solutions to common reading problems. However, that isn’t really the big problem… the real problem is the theory itself since the notion that kids have to be matched to the right book for them to learn is not consistent with actual data (at least once you get beyond the very early levels of reading achievement). Not all issues are serious or require remedial reading help. Neuroscience Finds Two Main Reading and Writing Disorder Patterns. A disease such as scurvy claimed the lives of thousands of seamen during long sea voyages. Any class that relies on reading, understanding, and explaining written material, including language arts, science, and history, can be a struggle for those with reading comprehension problems. Some common reading problems are easily diagnosed and treated, while others may require additional resources. Your child may have difficulty with the early reading skills due to: Poor Vision; Hearing loss; Improper directional tracking; Poor comprehension skills Students who struggle to understand what they are reading may experience deficits in a variety of academic areas.

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