sprained ankle still swollen after 2 weeks

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What could be happening and how should you deal with the condition? I fell heavily on my ankle in the snow in a similar way to a fall a skier would have (was in the snow) with my ankle bent and rolled on. And it seems like my ankle is still a bit swollen, or that my bones have shifted more outwards. This is one of the important needs to keep the foot/ankle elevated after an injury. At the hospital they said it’s a bad sprain and they gave me crutches. This will stabilize the ankle and reduce swelling. For lots of people, some swelling will continue long after the sprain has actually “recovered” and you are back to activities. When I press the area, a kind of dent forms, lasting 5 secs. The term “sprain” refers to any ligament injury. This decreases the swelling, reduces your pain, and enables your body to recover the injury. So I suffered two sprains in a three months period playing basketball. The ligament tearing causes bleeding deep inside, which you see as bruising on the skin. The pain is fairly minor, if difficult to deal with. Your Orthopaedic Surgeon wants you to remain in movement to remain healthy! Any of these signs could indicate the presence of a blood clot. Can you put some weight on the ankle using the crutches? I just wanna know whats up with my foot, i sprained it 2 weeks ago sliding into second base, and i kinda messed up my slide a bit so basically i slid over my ankle and it twisted badly...it was a really bad sprain i had to be helped up and helped out the field since it was so bad, I went to the hospital and they told me its a really bad sprain. Is there anything I can do to try and ease the swelling or could the x ray have missed a break or is this normal. This will further reduce swelling. How Long Should a Sprained Ankle Be Swollen, Sprained Ankle Still Swollen After 2 or 3 Weeks. In the evening, the swelling improves but with activity throughout the day, the fluid from normal blood circulation leads to progressive swelling. The pain is negligible now, but it can often be aggravated easily. Fortunately, most sprains are Grade I or II and heal in three to six weeks. Thankfully, your body is developed to recover injuries, so these ligaments will generally heal on their own. The exceptions are those that continue to cause trouble. Sprained Ankle Still Swollen After Nearly 2 Months. Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHADVISOR.ORG © 2020, All rights Reserved. When to look for care: If it hurts too much to put any weight on the ankle and you cannot walk, look for treatment right away. Swelling will reduce with time, however can continue if you have been standing, walking, or exercising for a longer time. The ankle is created to have much more movement with the foot turning in, which is how sprains generally take place. I went to the walk in centre and they did an x ray and said it wasn’t broken but I had badly sprained it and snapped my ligament. It is constantly better to avoid the sprain in top place! This is the "sprained ankle that won't heal." People under estimate the sprained ankle more then most things, a sprained ankle can remain in healing for 6 months. I know about RICE method and I’ve been using it. After a mild sprain, you might be able to walk on it right away or the following day. You have a numb or tingling feeling in your hurt ankle or foot. Hi, I sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago, I fell down a step on the bus. A “severe” sprain can suggest different things, but if your doctor or healthcare supplier informed you 4-6 weeks, that would fit with the time had to walk usually on after a severe sprain, and return to sports can be longer. Depending on the way your ankle twisted, various types of injuries can result -- including fractures. You are unable to walk, stand or put weight on your injured foot. A sprained ankle still swollen after 2 weeks indicates that irritation is still present. I often encounter clients that say things along the line of: “My sprained ankle still hurts after 3 months!” or; “Ever since I had that sprained ankle, my foot has never been quite the same”. If your sprained ankle is still swollen two weeks later, it needs to be seen by a doctor who will order for tests to rule out complications such as an ankle fracture. Now there’s little pain, but I have a sprained ankle still swollen after 2 weeks. Keep in mind to stretch prior to sports to avoid ankle and other injuries to all your bones and joints. I went to the walk in centre and they did an x ray and said it wasn’t broken but I had badly sprained it and snapped my ligament. However, a more severe sprain may hurt for weeks (sometimes even longer than a fracture!)

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