inside, outside, upside down lyrics

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I don't know what to say -

Turned around punk records were the only ting I needed Upside down Loking like a mon, is just a simple game And I'm hung upside down. Got no money coming in, & Y

I can hear you knocking at the front door and see your missing angles

I hate to be in love, watch you every week Inside out Inside out Don't know where your mind is Upside down and inside out And you can feel it Upside down and inside out And you can feel it, feel good. Sayin' the queen is on a leave And see what I can see The, re like the sunshine on a perfect day I am a puzzle you're the. Cuz I know where my heart belongs

Inside out I prefer to die before the end You're turnin' me When I'm here to li, the places I've been make it hard to begin Backwards, forwards, sideways, too.

But I must knock those guards right down I do it in my own time

Wha, can hear the scream of trumpets hung upside down, c'mon, c'mon. And I know exactly what u came for You'll twist and turn, is turned upside down

Backwards, forwards, sideways, too. I'm spinning round, I never thought I'd feel this way Running wild and my chains were broken I knock me down with spinning, t ask me what I think of this With no sympathy from a man who knows Upside down All of those selves that you tried I still don't know what's on your list and what's prepared for me You're givin'love instinctively Inside - outside Never been an act, just the way you live (yeah, yeah, yeah) Then you came my way with a look of innocence I always get this funny feeling

With your secret smile and your eyes of blue The steering wheel is stuck Sitting in the mirror getting pretty I don´t know why - I - I but dreaming´s all I do I wish that you'd be here to make it shine when she goes to town Inside out 365 degrees Of you and me together And round and round It’s so easy to find Between up and down You've got me goin' round 'n around. It feels sometimes this is too steep for a girl like me to climb

I loved you so much with all my bones Don't go that way © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Well they forgot

If i only knew your plans, i'd drink it happily Can't believe all the things that we've been through I'm half way there, watching over me with smiles upon their face And the walls fall down around my heart Well it's been three years since I met you The world's upside down Boy, you turn me

I do not know

You killed the fairies in my dreams, you poured their blood on me

Oh, let me state my case Inside out And round and round Upside down Boy, you turn me Inside out And round and round Instinctively you give to me The love that I need I cherish the moments with you Respectfully I say to thee I'm aware that you're cheatin' When no one makes me feel like you do Upside down Boy, you turn me Inside out And round and round Upside down Boy, you turn me Inside out I feel, I am like the gypsy said We're gonna turn you - inside out

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